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Reevedale's practice show "Fun on the Fourth" was a huge
success even without the weather's cooperation.  Our students
got to show off their riding skills to their family and friends,
and play some awesome games on the ground as well.  
Congratulations to all of our exhibitors, hope you had as much
fun as we did!

Our summer program is up and running!  Wednesdays and
Saturdays  from 9 to 3 we'll be learning riding skills,
horsemanship, making  horsey crafts, and having lots of fun!  
Katie for availability, or just come by the farm!  An end
of Summer fun show is also in the works, check back soon for
a date and time!

Congratulations to Mark Thurber and his horse Ghazi's
Darkside, Madison Fernandes and her horse Just Say Ghaza,
and Julia Moura and her horse Taint She Sweet, on an
awesome AHANE Horse Show.  Good Luck at Region 16


Congratulations to Madison on her  NEHC Medal and Annalyse
on  her lease of High Brook High Beam "Beamer" and on her
walk-trot debut.  Lots to come from this adorable pair, thank
you Harvey Family!! We had a fantastic day at South Shore
Horsemen's Council.